Dear Mayor White-

I have observed with real admiration your Senate campaign team’s facility with all things web.  It’s really quite impressive, as is the breadth of your early fundraising numbers.  Particularly, 1980 new contributors in Q3 bespeaks a real breadth of early support.  I commend you.

But now, feedback you didn’t ask for.   It seems like that to have a chance against Gov. Perry, you are going to have to play up the fact that you are serious, competent guy.  But all the faux, email-y, text-y, hype-y suspense around “will he or won’t he” makes you seem less of each.  First it was silly but quaint; now it’s just insulting.  Hopefully such nonsense will all stop tomorrow.  And I’m sorry I didn’t respond to what I assume was your wife’s message encouraging to send a text somewhere so I’d be among the first (and of course, very last) to know.  The thought of paying AT&T the vig on those digits was too just much.

It’s waaaay too early to be overhandled, Mayor.  Plenty of chance for that later.  As Garrison Keillor said about the McCain campaing in 08, we are voters.  Not fruit flies.


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