Burka on Healthcare

Paul’s post is about as crisp and cogent analysis of the current state of play as I’ve seen.  In part:

The health care debate is rather simple, really. The fundamental problem is this: There are three elements to any health care reform: cost of care, quality of care, and breadth (coverage) of care. It is easy to design a system that takes care of any two of these, but extremely difficult to design a system that takes care of all three. The other fundamental fact is that most people who have health insurance are pretty happy with what they have. They get quality care at an affordable price, which is paid for by somebody else, usually their employer. Yes, that price keeps going up, and eventually it will become unsustainable, but for now, they don’t see a reason to change. Nor do they believe that the cost will come down if the government is in charge. To sum it up, the Democrats made the worst mistake they could make. They started acting like a bunch of liberals.


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