On The WP in VF

Interesting and sympathetic article about the Grahams and their position with the Washington Post in Vanity Fair.  I love this turn of phrase:

In a sense, the Grahams are managing, and financing, their own transformation into lesserness. They will not be—can’t be—the first family of news in the nation’s capital anymore. That privilege is gone.

They’ll be much less dominant and much less important—along with everybody else in the news business. (Even in an ideal world, where, in the description of former Post editor and MarketWatch founder Larry Kramer, a “billion-dollar news business making $200 million becomes a $200 million business making $75 million,” it’s a smaller, much less impressive pie.)

Come to think of it, sooner or later, don’t we all face the challenge of “managing ourselves to lesserness?”


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