HuffPo on Insomniactive on TechCrunch

Of course I couldn’t keep my paws off of Michael Arrington’s re-imagining of a new NYT.  And via our crack team at Giant Noise, HuffPo picked up my tracks.  And naturally, the most important bit is at the end:

In Texas, a group of us is about to try a very similar play with a statewide, online, nonprofit organization we’re calling Texas Tribune. We will launch with a small staff focusing on politics, government, and public policy issues of statewide interest. As a 501c3, we will try very hard to remember that we serve nobody but the people of Texas, although we’ll attempt to be as profitable as we can so we can grow to match our outsized ambitions.

Along with pioneering colleagues in places like San Diego and Minneapolis, our team has learned a lot about non-profit journalism down here in the Lone Star State during the last year. We’d love it if somebody with the ambition for a non-profit version of the NNYT would give us a jingle.Help us launch the Tribune, then let’s tackle Gotham together.


One Response to HuffPo on Insomniactive on TechCrunch

  1. Jon Kay says:

    Recently, every time I pass the American-Statesman’s huge, riverside, ultraexpensive digs, like Arrington and NYT, I fantasize about freeing the journalists from 90% of its surely-vast real-estate, management, and editorial overhead.

    Thanks for working hard on the version of that that has the best chance of actually working, and for putting your money behind it. Best of luck!

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