God, Grant Me This Wish

If only all our companies could be competing against the likes of Dean Singleton:

WW: I’m sure one of the phrases you hear on almost an everyday basis when these topics come up, and I’m guessing it’s not one of your favorites, is, “The horse is out of the barn,” when it comes to free content on the web. In your opinion, is it a short-sighted approach to say, well, “We made the wrong decision about this years ago, but now we have to stick with it”?

DS: Let me tell you, having been involved in ranches since I was born: It’s not always easy, but you can chase that horse back in the barn.

For a while, glibness from business leaders is amusing, then it becomes maddening.  And then, sickening.  We’re there.  Ask him if he wants to bet his ranch on this.  He talks about it enough.


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