Just in Case We’d Forgotten…

…How weak the Texas Governorship really is, note this paragraph buried in the Statesman’s coverage of yesterday’s budget proceedings:

Perry had a rough day. The governor has said that he does not want to accept federal stimulus dollars for an expansion of unemployment programs. But the House put an amendment in the budget saying that if the state does not take those dollars, all the money from the Texas Enterprise Fund, which Perry uses to lure businesses to the state, will be used to pay for unemployment benefits.

Talk about a man-bites-dog story:  Republican-controlled Lege opts for unemployment benefits over job creation.  Of course, this never would have happened if the boys and girls under the dome didn’t think they had the Gov. completely corenered.  If I’m not mistaken, the old Texas expression “puttin’ ’em in a jar” was originally conjured for just such a situation.


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