It Was Bound to Happen Eventually

Really, we should have seen it coming.  The NYT totally misses the true  story behind the story on the (likely temporary) Sun/IBM breakup.  The real scuttlebut is that between them, the two sides depleted the Strategic Lawyer Reserve to dangerous levels, and the Department of Justice stepped in and made them call off the deal.

Of course, all the securities, IP, and anti-trust lawyers were already booked a couple of weeks ago, even after doubling their rates and resuming  first-class travel, all-day Spectravision, and Nobu delivery.  But Attorney General Holder was tipped off to the true severity of  the situation this afternoon, when an alarming number of family law hearings scheduled for Monday were cancelled.  It seems that even all the divorce lawyers are now working for one side or the other.    And American taxpayers positively freak out at the prospect of not being able to serve their spouses–so to speak–at the drop of a hat.

The Times did nail one piece of the story, however:

“There’s lots of testosterone going back and forth,” said a third person familiar with the discussions.”

Nooooooooooooooooooooo.  Ya think?  That’s like saying that there might be some juice flowing if Bruce Wayne Enterprises made a run at Joker Holdings.


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