So Much for Ds’ Wishful Thinking

For Newsweek, Texas Monthly Puba Evan Smith ‘splains why John King’s Magic Map will likely be obsolete before Texas Democrats ever light it up.  As Evan says, “before a state can be in play at the Presidential level, it has to be in play at the state level.”    And, without the Texas Ds’ answer to Mark Warner anywhere in sight, they (we) seem to be short of both candidates and money.  

I’d like to believe that Evan’s “NFW” view of the Democrats’s state-wide chances may be a little extreme, potentially in the case of a Watson/McCaul race for Attorney General.  But NFW is also the view held by Smith’s colleague Paul Burka.  He writes in the upcoming issue of TM that the next Governor of Texas will be determined by the 600,000 or so Rs who typically turn out for the primary, plus–if Sen Hutchison runs–those who are moved to action by sheer drama of a primary which reflects the battle for the soul of the national party.  A D could win a special election for Hutchison’s seat, but it seems more likely that Houston Mayor Bill White and former Comptroller John Sharp remind us the meaning of internecine.  As if  Texas Ds really need such a reminder.

These are both excellent pieces.   Sort of the long and the short versions of the state of Texas politics.


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