The Tragedy That Is Detroit

By far the most arresting thing I’ve read in the last week is an article about the slow unraveling of Detroit.  The author, Matt Labash, describes with chilling, abrasive clarity a city that his 90% black and 46% functionally illiterate; where the fire department has to deal with 60,000 abandoned buildings which sometimes are set on fire for the sake of producing heat; where the city government has taken the brass poles from the fire houses and sold them for scrap; where textbooks haven’t been replaced in almost a generation.  Writes Labash:

Somewhere along the way, Detroit became our national ashtray, a safe place for everyone to stub out the butt of their jokes.

And now for the surprise of the week.  Where can this terrific piece of writing and reporting be found?   Harpers?  The New Yorker?  Try The Weekly Standard.


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