Mack the Knife v. Big John or Cheerleader Kay

The Austin American Statesman reports what must be an unprecedented development:  University of Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp has been named Mack Brown’s heir apparent.  Muschamp is only 37; Brown, 57.  Although no one has mentioned a timetable for the passing of the baton, Mack Brown has just become the first voluntary lame duck head coach in the history of college football.  It makes no sense whatsoever, unless…..

You heard it here first:  let the movement begin to draft Coach Brown for a race against either Sen. John Cornyn or (presumptive) Gov. Kay Hutchison in 2014.   Better yet, have him run against Hutchison for Governor or for the open Senate seat in 2010, but keep his UT recruiting duties.  Surely nobody would mind, and a BCS Championship this year wouldn’t hurt his case.   Hell, if he runs for Governor, I don’t see why he couldn’t do both jobs.  Honestly, look at the recent lineup.  I’m with Kinky Friedman:  how hard can it be?   National letter of intent day might occasionally conflict with the legislative session, but what are Lt. Governors for, anyway?

We’ve all marveled at the way the guy performs in front of a press corps that can make Andrea Mitchell look like Tinkerbell.  Have you ever seen a more natural politician?  And talk about experience in both combat and diplomacy:  he’s on a 3-1 run against Oklahoma, and still manages a mid-field hug from Bob Stoops every time.

And has it occurred to anybody else that a Gov. Hutchison would be the third Texas chief executive in a row who was a college cheerleader?  Is anyone else embarrassed?  Forget “maverick vs. sidekick.”  National championship-winning Coach vs. cheerleader isn’t even a fair fight.

He has to be considering something like this.  I mean, think about it.  If Coach Brown were planning on pulling a Paterno or a Bowden, Muschamp might be too old for the job by the time Mack steps down.

Oh….and does anyone know if Coach Brown is a Democrat?  Does anyone really care?


2 Responses to Mack the Knife v. Big John or Cheerleader Kay

  1. Phil Gilbert says:

    Hi John,

    Just to set the record straight… Mack’s 3-1 in the past 4 years against OU… and 4-6 lifetime against the Sooners. That’s probably why he continues to look up to Bob Stoops, even after the occasional victory…

    Boomer Sooner!


  2. johndthornton says:

    Phil, gimme a break, what with you all your “facts.” Gettin’ all Katie Couric on me, huh? I didn’t know they even *had* elitists in Oklamhoma. Do I *look* like a sports writer? Do I look like any kind of writer at all? Wait, don’t answer that….

    Change made.

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