‘Dat All Youse Got, Kristol?

My favorite teacher in high school, when she heard something especially absurd, would put her hands on her hips, give a slight stomp of her foot, and say, “People.  Hooonestly!!”

That’s precisely the reaction I had tonight in reading Bill Kristol’s lead editorial in the 11/17 Weekly Standard.

As a card-carrying lefty (redistribtutionist, in Jose el Plumero parlance) I’ve always simultaneously admired and decried the relative quality of the writing churned out by mainstream conservative pundits.  Buckley Sr. was of course the patron saint, but I’ve usually found the quality of writing and clarity of thought to be superior in the right-leaning sub-sector of the media commentariat that sits between the blogosphere and the evening cable talking heads.  Which brings us back to Bill Kristol.

His lead editorial is more than a travesty of logic and 6th-grade writing–it’s f-ing surreal.  He spends more than half of a 1,000-ish word piece arguing that the American electorate should have voted for John McCain because he supported the surge in Iraq.  The surge is working, where would we be without the surge, McCain supported the surge, so McCain should be President.  Seriously, that’s it.   It’s like his heart isn’t really in it.


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