More on Newspapers vs. Autos


I’ve been thinking a lot–and writing a little–about the gruesome parallels between our nation’s two most rapidly declining industries, autos and newspapers.  Newsosaur author Alan Mutter is one of the most widely read observers of the decline of the newspaper industry.  As it turns out, he covered the auto industry for a brief stint in the late 70s, as Toyota and Honda were just beginning their frightfully inexorable market share grab from the U.S. Big 4.  His 30-year-old note is nearly as entertaining as it is sad.

With 30 years between today and Mutter’s turn on the Chicago Daily News auto desk, he reflects on the three great failures of U.S. Big Auto over that period:  (1) they lost touch with their customers; (2) they competed with the wrong guys; and (3) they stuck with a failed strategy for too long.

Although it’s not evident in his post, surely he sees the irony that he could just as easily be describing his own industry?


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