Thanks for the Disclaimer, But….

This just in from the Insomniactive “Can’t Make this Stuff Up” desk.

As disspirited as I am about the general level of incivility this election has elicited in my fellow citizens (and occasionally, I must admit, in myself), I’m quite curious about Peggy Noonan’s new book, Patriotic Grace.  So as is my custom, I went to Amazon to read a few reviews.   And there was this little gem:

I’ll be honest: I did not read the book. Having read Noonan’s work in the past, I leafed through it in the store and read some paragraphs at random. It immediately struck me that this elitist rails against the very thing she is doing to Sarah Palin!

So I put the book back on the stack.

A note to my readers:  in the future I will likely only skim, American Conservative, National Review, and The Weekly Standard.  But let me say in advance that I will not like them.



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