Obama Losing the War of Words on Taxes

Even if they believe that the Bradley Effect is not in play this year, a new AP Poll should give the Obama campaign cause to maintain their hyper-vigilance.  Despite Obama’s simple promise that he won’t raise taxes on anyone who makes less than $250,000, fully 48% of likely voters believe he will raise their taxes.  The comparable number is 33% for McCain. 

So I asked the following question of my wise friend who sent me the poll.  “Is this bad messaging, effective use of ‘the big lie’ by McCain, or that people simply don’t believe Obama.”

His typically trenchant response:  “All three to some degree.  Then there’s the issue that the public is generally smarter than we give them credit before.”

Taxes may be the only substantive issue available still available to McCain.  But as markets continue their melt and the economy forms icicles, it’s not a bad one.  I’m glad there are 11 days rather than 11 weeks left until the election.


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