McCain, Dole, and Honorable Leadership

With both the blogosphere and the msm all atwitter about the Politico article describing the McCain campaign’s circular firing squad, one paragraph particularly caught my attention:

“The fact is, when you’re the party standard-bearer, you have an obligation to fight to the finish,” this strategist continued. “I think they can still win. But if they don’t think that, they need to look at how Bob Dole finished out his campaign in 1996 and not try to take down as many Republicans with them as they can. Instead of campaigning in Electoral College states, Dole was campaigning in places he knew he didn’t have a chance to beat Clinton, but where he could energize key House and Senate races.”

Reading this  unleashed a profound wave of nostalgia for my boyhood Senator, Bob Dole.  Remember him?  War hero.  Straight talker.  Funny.   Also, supposedly a mean streak, although McNasty makes him look like Miss Congeniality in retrospect.  Can you imagine McCain actually caring about his party enough to behave as Dole did in the end, if it comes to that?  I can’t


2 Responses to McCain, Dole, and Honorable Leadership

  1. Ted Whatley says:

    I chuckled at Dole’s wit and marvelled at his meanness and his service to ADM.

    Dole campaigned as he did because he assumed a future in his party. McCain has none which is another disastrous element in his flawed, disastrous sense of leadership; So much for mini-mavericks. Think TR in 1912.

    McCain tour as a POW shaped his life. If the Freudians were in vogue, we’d be hearing a lot about how we repeat and/or try to replicate high moments in our lives. Dash ahead to 2000 and after when the Rove universe took him out of the skies and brutally tamed him. Then he hires them–his putative captors–to run his campaign.

    McCain cannot function with a captor

  2. […] and His Captors I posted a couple of days ago about the striking similarities of and enormous differences between John McCain and Bob Dole.  My friend Ted Whatley had this response: I chuckled at Dole’s wit and marvelled at his […]

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