The Delusions of Mark Salter

On the website of The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg has posted the transcript of a fascinating conversation between himself and McCain chief apologist and alter-ego Mark Salter.  The topic:  McCain’s terrrrrrrribly unfair treatment by the msm.  The most priceless excerpt:

No, I’m trying not to draw general lessons about the press or us or the meaning of life out of all of this. Otherwise I’d despair. I think the media is driven by a need to see this history happen. And I think they’ve rationalized it, they think they’re on the level with McCain, that he’s not the old McCain.  But he is the old McCain.  He just doesn’t know what happened to the old press corps.  They rationalize a reason to go get him.  Every Obama attack they carry.  Every McCain criticism of Obama they rush to blunt even before Obama does (emphasis mine).

If you read the transcript, you get the feeling that although he is always flakking, Salter really believes his own line.  That is, McCain is the same old crusty, loveable, mavericky dude he was back when the press was his base, and that every single member of the press has simultaneously been brainwashed by the big O to treat McCain differently.    Mark Salter doesn’t seem to be lying; he’s just deeply delusional.

But why not.  It’s no more delusional than suggesting that the government buy up the mortgages from people who bought houses they couldn’t afford, with mortgages they didn’t understand.  And then calling the other guy a socialist.


2 Responses to The Delusions of Mark Salter

  1. LB says:

    Dude, you are right. They are ALL socialists! Except the Libertarians. Talk about not getting any positive press. What do you think of CIsneros and his mea culpa about housing?? I pay my dang bills and I just wish everyone else would, too. Sigh.

  2. johndthornton says:

    What I think is that Henry should fire his pr people. I have a very difficult time watching Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, too. “Affordable housing” has been a primarily Democratic trope, and the Democrats were by far the biggest pigs feeding at the GSE trough.

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