McCain’s Magical Thinking

On the stairmaster today, I got a faceful of McCain in full rhetorical dudgeon.  Maybe it was the oxygen deficit (mine, not his), but the sheer audacity of his rhetoric hit me anew on a couple of points.

First:  “I will rid Washington of corruption.”  Next up, the abolition of rain on weekends and World Series nights.

Second:  “I will get the skyrocketing costs of gasoline and food under control.”  Ok, McCain’s energy policy (“Drill baby, drill”) has gotten plenty of play.   Forget the fact that some huge percentage of gasoline costs are directly attributable to crude, the price of which John McCain has no more control over than he does over the Republican Congressional Caucus.  But, food?  Why hasn’t anyone stopped to ask what his plan is for reducing food prices?”

“Plant baby, plant!?”  “Grow baby, grow?!”

Assuming that Senator McCain doesn’t figure out a way to slime-skate into the White House, I have the perfect role for him:  ActivOn spokesman.


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