Sarah’s Greatest Hits

God Bless Josh Marshall and his crack editors at TPM.  This is excellent pre-game prep for the debate tonight.

I am reminded of a supreme irony.  After years of unintelligible prattle by our 43rd President, and now this verbal version of a four-corners-offense from the Woman Who Would Be Veep, I’ve become nostalgic for the relatively solid and sober prose of George H.W. Bush.  But, after Bush 41’s first debate in 1988, here’s what George Will had to say about Poppy, in what I thought was a world-class turn of phrase:

Tracing a Bush thought back from its manifestation in speech to its origin in his thinking is like seeking the source of the Blue Nile.

I simply refuse to believe that my country is in a never-ending slide wrt the ability of our leaders to communicate in their native–and only–language.



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