You Know What It’s Like?

Here’s what it’s like, the House vote today.

Say you’re not very bright.  You get coaxed into what turns out to be an 8-year relationship with a significant other.  For the sake of economical story telling, say he’s a man and you’re a woman.

He’s good looking, popular, and god, the swagger.  But over time, he keeps telling you things that just aren’t true.  You start to feel foolish and–worse–you think the folks in your home town think you look foolish.

At first he seems to care about the child you had in your first marriage.  But as time goes on and you’re lied to time and again, he’s more abusive to you–and to the child.  Not only does he ignore you, but every time you try to discipline the kid, he makes you look like a chump.  He plays the kid off against you.   You keep up appearances, but inside, you’re seething.

It’s not fair, and it’s making you want to do something drastic.  You start to get irrational.  Hearing voices, saying preposterous things in public, generally acting out.  You can see what he’s doing–he’s turning your child against you.  Worse than that–he’s now protecting your kid from you!!

How could this be?  How could he be so cruel?!  The only way, the only way to… uh… hurt him is…


That’s what it’s like.  What a freak show.


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