McCain to the Rescue–Or Not

It was hilarious to listen to CNN late this afternoon, topic being the “BAILOUT!!” as CNN Cartoon in Chief Lou Dobbs shouted four–count ’em, four–times in his teaser for his nightly show about the despicability of brown people who intentionally starve themselves so they can wiggle through fences.

(Question:  what are the odds that Dobbs hedges his stock portfolio when he is about to say something especially stupid about the economy, in case someone in power actually listens?  I guess low.  He knows no one in power is listening).

CNN Talking head #1:  The Senate seems on board, both sides

Talking head #2:  And the house?

TH1:  Democrats, yes.  But the conservative Republicans are holding up the the deal. 

TH2:  But….the conservative Republicans don’t really like McCain, do they?

TH1:  That’s what makes this all so surreal.

This paragraph from Harold Meyer of the Post  best characterizes what Chris Matthews would call “the latest McCain razzle dazzle” :

As his strategists saw it, they had to confine the discussion to a comparison of the character of the two candidates. Alas for McCain, reality intruded over the past week, distracting the public from McCain’s stellar attributes as a decisive leader with news of an impending economic collapse. So the task for his managers has been to diminish this new story to just one chapter in the ongoing saga of John McCain, the man who rides to the rescue.


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