The Right’s Rx to Ferraro in 1984

Joe Conason in Salon:

Back when the first woman was nominated by a major party to be vice president, conservatives didn’t react quite so positively as today. In August 1984, an editorial in the National Review mocked Democrats for choosing Geraldine Ferraro to run with former Vice President Walter Mondale. “The Democrats will attempt to project the issue as ‘whether a woman can be Vice President,’ a point the Republicans can cheerfully concede, returning to the question of whether this woman in particular should be the Vice-President … Mrs. Ferraro is manifestly an affirmative-action nominee. She has been in the House only since 1979 and cannot be said, on the record, to be as qualified to be President, if necessary, as, say John Glenn, Fritz Hollings, Mo Udall, or — George Bush.”


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