Palin’s View from the Pew

Along the lines of the endless loops of Jeremiah Wright’s inanities, Harper’s posts some of the more outre sermonology of Gov. Palin’s pastors.

If we ever thought that winning the approval of the end-of-days crowd required anything other than a church membership and anti-abortion bona fides,  the fact that someone Dobson has almost certainly never met is now his next Reagan makes it pretty clear:

Christian conservatives like Gary Bauer, Tony Perkins and James Dobson have hailed McCain’s selection of Palin. Dobson, the head of Focus on the Family, vowed earlier this year to never support McCain. However, within hours of Palin’s addition to the GOP ticket, he had changed his tune, saying, he had “not been so excited about a political candidate since Ronald Reagan.”


3 Responses to Palin’s View from the Pew

  1. clancop says:

    To compare these comments to Wright’s comments is definitely stretching it. I don’t see how “Non-believers go to hell” compares to “Bush and America are Hitler, whites are the devil, Hillary Clinton is no N-word, etc”, but seeing that you guys are grasping at straws, I will let it go.

    Save yourself time, Palin is bulletproof and spotless. I don’t think “glass jaw” Obama’s credibility could take another round with Rev Wright when he is trying to appeal to white middle-class America.

  2. johndthornton says:

    Well, let’s see. I think it compares in the following way: the abstract connections between bush and hitler might as well be between godzilla and the easter bunny. yes, they are on their face ridiculous, but they affect my life precisely not at all. but i begin to take it personally when someone who would like to govern me starts telling me what it takes for me to stay out of hell, or even that there is a hell. face it: christian exceptionalism–any exceptionalism–simply isn’t compatible with governing a multi-ethnic, religiously diverse democracy.

    as for bullet-proof and spotless, i’m willing to be you a case of near beer that she ain’t. and i’ll throw in another case if you can show me anyone who is.

  3. […] his status as the most prominent and vocal evangelical thorn in McCain’s hide, to ”not being as excited about a political candidate since Ronald Reagan.”  (Of course, I suspect that Dobson’s long-time romance with sound of his own voice had him […]

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