What a Speech!

Taegan Goddard does the favor of collecting reactions to Obama’s acceptance speech.  Pretty heady stufff:

Other reactions:

Andrew Sullivan: “Look: I’m biased at this point. I’m one of those people, deeply distressed at what has happened to America, deeply ashamed of my own misjudgments, who has shifted out of my ideological comfort zone because this man seems different to me, and this moment in history seems different to me… I’ve said it before – months and months ago. I should say it again tonight. This is a remarkable man at a vital moment. America would be crazy to throw this opportunity away. America must not throw this opportunity away.”

Pat Buchanan: “It was a genuinely outstanding speech. It was magnificent. It is the finest – and I saw Cuomo’s speech, I saw Kennedy in ’80, I even saw Douglas MacArthur, I saw Martin Luther King – this is the greatest convention speech, and probably the most important because unlike Cuomo and the others this is an acceptance speech. . This came out of the heart of America and he went right at the heart of America…”

David Gergen: “In many ways it was less a speech than a symphony…It was a masterpiece.”

Bill Kristol: “Barack Obama faced very high expectations tonight and honestly I think he met them and I honestly think he exceeded them…He eloquently explained America’s promise. He explained why the Bush Cheney administration had fallen short of that…I thought it was an awfully impressive performance.”

Ezra Klein: “This has been the most aggressive speech of the week. And the most substantive I’ve seen Obama give. It’s not a thematic address: It’s not about hope or values or the universality of the American experience of the illusory obstacles that divide us. It’s concrete. It’s about the failure of the Republican Party, and the promises of the Democratic Party.”

Ben Smith: “The expectations were high for Obama’s rhetorical talent, and he met them, and the crowd at Mile High –now full almost to the brim, at a reported 84,000 — is standing and cheering, waving the American flags they’ve been handed.”

Josh Marshall: “I thought this was a very strong speech. About exactly what was needed.”

Brian Rogers, McCain campaign spokesman: “When the temple comes down, the fireworks end, and the words are over, the facts remain: Senator Obama still has no record of bipartisanship, still opposes offshore drilling, still voted to raise taxes on those making just $42,000 per year, and still voted against funds for American troops in harm’s way. The fact remains: Barack Obama is still not ready to be president


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