McCain’s Cynical Pitch to Clintonistas: “She’s a Chick, I’m Your Pick”

Wow.  This seems like such an obviously bad pick by McCain that it almost certainly means Obama will lose in a landslide.

I was next to my wife’s trainer on the stairmaster when the news broke.  Mid 40s woman, smart, politically active.  Her reaction:  “DOES HE REALLY THINK I’M THAT STUPID!!??”

Another mid 30s woman: (an early Hillary supporter who was very disappointed that she wasn’t veep) said this:  “here’s the difference between the R’s and the D’s.  The D’s contest came down to a woman and a black guy because they were the most qualified.  McCain is using a woman as a gesture.  It’s a slap in the face.”

Same mid-30s woman, after she had further time to digest McCain’s pick:  “if the vetting committee had to ask what her talent was as Miss Alaska, the rest of her resume needs to be really f-ing long.”

Her talent was flute.  More later on her resume.  I guess.

Gov. Palin’s profile is so tantalizing, and I’m looking forward to getting to know her.  It’s a true delight to see a new face on the scene.  She doubtlessly will energize the base, and she’s deservedly a hero with pro-lifers.

But here’s why I feel better.  I still think the Rust Belt is where this will be won or lost.  Any of Ridge, Romney, or Pawlenty would be a real asset there.  Unless Palin has some supernatural connection power, not so much.  Also, both Ridge and Romney are good at playing the sanctimonious scary guy.  And obviously, Romney is quite solid on the economy.

In the Mountain West, the idea that anybody who is all jacked up about her NRA membership is actually considering Obama to begin with is a little far fetched.  And if Obama wins Ohio, the Western states become gravy anyway.

McCain’s people are plenty smart.  There must be something here I’m missing. Let’s hope not.


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