Easy on the Entitlement Rhetoric, Bob

This from Robert Lutz, Vice Chairman of General Motors, in the NYT:

The American auto industry is deserving of government loan guarantees,” Mr. Lutz told reporters at an event near Chicago where G.M. showed off its 2009 lineup. “We have done a whole bunch of things that people said, ‘Why aren’t you doing this?’ ”

Ahem.  Who knew that you could get to be a senior exec of a major American corporation while employing the logic of a five-year-old in close proximity to a cookie jar?  Shouldn’t the New York Jets get government loan guarantees?  After all, they finally did what everyone said the should by ditching Chad Pennington and ponying up for Brett Farvre?!   And what about the Dodgers?!  Why should the salary cap apply to them at all?!

I looked up “deserves” in two different sources.  Nowhere did I find anything like  “has gotten one’s ass in a crack and now can’t survive without.”

I’m fine with government loan guarantees for General Motors under three conditions:  (1) all senior executive pensions are subject to the same reductions that affect the lowliest GM worker; (2) the highest salary at GM will be $124,010, the pay George Will tells us is dished out to the senior-most civil servant, a GS-15; and (3) the company changes its name to Genny Mot.

As for Bob Lutz, he might want to consult Sun Tzu about what to do when you’re dealt a weak hand.   Hint:  don’t overplay it.


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