Whose Fault Is It….


…that at the top of the 8:00 Central hour, the Party can’t pick a speaker that any of the cable networks would stay with?  Having listened to Gov. Sebelius for 3 minutes on C-SPAN, I’m tempted to say the Party’s.  I am so proud of everything she’s done in Kansas, but good gravy is she dull.

Even with that said, don’t the networks have some obligation to actually highlight the convention program rather than their own talking heads?  God knows Matthews/Olbermann/Carville don’t need the extra air time.

UPDATE:  Watching Deval Patrick makes me think it’s the fault of the networks.  America deserved to see him.


One Response to Whose Fault Is It….

  1. Pam says:

    I am sitting here with my ADD husband watching CNN. I have seen more of Wolf Blizter and his team than anyone else on stage.

    IF they were saying anything of value, one could not tell. Wolf seems to be too busy talking to another reporter out on the sidewalk watching people trying to get in.

    Finally, Bob Casey. Maybe Wolf will cut his mike now.

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