The Clintons–Where to Start?

I’m about to write something pretty nasty about the Clintons.  So to those of you who are dispositionally unable to continue, don’t.

I’ve (for the most part) refrained from commenting on what I think is the most petty, immature, and damaging possible behavior on the part of the couple who–four years ago–I regarded as royalty.

Money qualifies no one to say anything, but in my pre-emptive defense:  my wife and I maxed out to the Clinton campaign after she dropped out.  It rubbed every hair on my body the wrong way to do so.  She spent upwards of $10 million on a campaign she knew was over.  She’s a centimillionaire.  That requires zeroes, and here they are:

$100,000,000.00.  Her risk-free, tax-exempt income, if he never made another speech and she decided to do non-profit work, is $5,000,000.00.  Ish.  Even John McCain would say the Clintons are wealthy.

Nonetheless, I was compelled to write a $4,600 check to someone with several times my net worth because my friends who have left it all on the field for Obama said, “look, dude, this is a gesture that may make a difference.  And this will be a game of inches, Senator Obama has asked us to do this, so make the gesture.”

Fine.  Wrote the check.

I even resisted posting when Sen. Clinton showed up on YouTube, on a back porch with a wildly possessed look, seeking “catharsis.”  Shame on me.  I was under the butterflies-and-flowers impression that we were trying to win an election here. 

I also resisted posting when, even though Senator Obama personally joined calls with his most ardent supporters to ask us to pay down Clinton’s debt , she provided no easy way for her own supporters to recover contributions she’d collected–prematurely, obviously, for the general election.  She instead is railroading her supporters into converting those gifts–and they are gifts–to her Senate campaign fund.  In contrast, the Obama campaign accepted no such general election funds.

Then today, my noggin wanted to exlode.  Although I’m not on President Clinton’s email list, one friend was kind enough to forward me a missive from POTUS 42 himself, excerpted below.  It  was headlined “Join Hillary in Denver,” included a screenshot of what appears to be her plane, and–even by the craven standard of these things–featured a frigging enormous “donate” button.  Spake President Clinton (emphasis mine):

Dear ___________

I have played so many roles at so many Democratic National Conventions.  I’ve been there as a campaign worker, a governor, a keynote speaker (ed:  which was such a Narcissistic disaster that the networks cut away), a nominee, a president, and a former president….

So I hope you’ll take Hillary up on her offer and contribute by midnight tonight for a chance to attend the Denver convention in person.

Bear with me, we’re approaching the money lines:

You’ll get to see Hillary speak on Tuesday, and Barack Obama–the next president of the United States–on Thursday.  I’ll make sure to stop by.


And then, for the final window into Bill Clinton’s soul, as he channels Ed McMahon:

Enter before midnight tonight for a chance to see me, Hillary, and Barack Obama (ed:  right!  him again) at the convention in Denver next week.

Sweet trident of Poseidon.  These people have become entirely unlatched, unhinged, unmoored.  That, or they are using the classic negotiation tactics of a terrorist to gain her the Funeral Detail she now craves.  Trouble is, the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

I will not disrespect Sen. Obama if he throws the Hail Mary and picks her.  But good heavens–this is a circus you’d like to close down.


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