Newsweek’s Cheap Trick

If you need any proof that it’s hard to sell magazines these days, look no further than the Newsweek cover currently on newsstands.   It’s blazing red, with a strangely Soviet-looking picture of our President, and the uttlerly beguiling title “What Bush Got Right, by Fareed Zakaria.”

Ok, I thought, I’ll bite.  I respect Zakaria.  Maybe he’d found some deeper method to what I thought was simply the Bush administration’s unrestrained foregin policy madness.

How disappointing.  At least on the state fair midway in my boyhood home of Kansas, when the barker advertised a two headed-chicken, the bird did indeed have two heads.  Time‘s trick is more like PT Barnum’s famous, “come see the egress.”  Utterly no there there.

The article and the cover have almost nothing to do with one another, and  Zakaraia says precisely zero that is new.  What Bush got right, according to Zakaria, is that he’s completely reversed field on everything that matters, including  his approach to each of the three members of the Axis of Evil (recently downgraded by State to “The Really Objectionable Threesome” in a briefing that got little attention).  Zakaria bravely points to the fact that we are better off with the policy troika of Rice, Paulson, and Hadley than we were with Cheney Uber-Alles; he fails mention that the same could be said of Huey, Louie, and Dewey.

No, running this article under that title is like running the headline, ” What the Army Corps of Engineers Got right in New Orleans”, above a  photo montage of ACE staffers loading sandbags onto levees.  Shame on you, Newsweek.


2 Responses to Newsweek’s Cheap Trick

  1. Saumil says:

    The article was actually published in Newsweek. I’m naive but there were a few nuggets of information I didnt know about, like Bush’s AIDS programs in Africa. All in all, a good piece especially if you read it free online.

  2. johndthornton says:

    You’re right on both counts. It was Newsweek, and the stuff on Bush’s AIDS programs was new to me as well. So I overstated. I went back and read it on line–you’re right, it’s not as bad without the hard copy hype.

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