Monday with the Gray Lady

Stuck at DFW with no computer, I indulged in the nostalgic luxury of reading the NYT cover to cover.  Things I might never have picked up online:

Say it ain’t so:  Sammy Hagar is playing the Republican Convention, along with a c&w lineup with every old act but the Geezinslaws.  I didn’t realize that’s why they call him the Red Rocker.

David Plouffe on McCain:  “Obviously, his strategists met on the portico of the mccain estate in Sedona, or maybe in one of his six other houses, and decided what line of attack they were going to use.”

Whodathunkit:  Although it probably won’t happen, we could have the former (Liebermann) and current (Bayh) heads of the DLC duking at out for VP.  Al Fromm goes from kinda irrelevant to Prince-Maker.

 Democratic elder Lee Hamilton on Bayh:  “Evan has a lot of experience. He has got holywood good looks, and he speaks well. He would be very loyal.”  I once did a reference check on a CEO with another venture guy who served on a board with him.  Said the venture guy:  “Schnoggs had nearly perfect attendance, he was always prompt, and very well dressed.”  We ended up backing the guy anyway, and made a lot of money with him.  My guess is that Obama will act likewise.

Mark Penn to Hillary:  “He may be the JFK race, but you’re the Bobby.”  Bingo.  We need to see a transformation into Kennedy the Younger in Michigan and Ohio after Labor Day.








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