Pollyanna to George Will: Put a Sock in It, Bub

I’m so tired of George Will.  He knows too much, writes too well, and says things none of us wants to hear.  And without the bow tie, it’s much harder to make fun of him.   (Fortunately, it’s still plenty easy to make fun of Tucker Carlson). 

But I mean really–who does Will think he is?  Some sort of celebrity or something?

Sanity to Obama campaign:  ditch the tie, plant yourself to Ohio, and don’t leave until you’ve listened to the stories of at least 100 laid-off factory workers (on camera, of course).  Proceed directly to Michigan, repeat.  Same for Pennsylvania and Indiana.  Consider leaving O-Force One in the hangar.  Drive.  Stop.  Drive some more.  This is the People With Problems Election.  You’re in danger of losing it by talking past the voters who matter to you most.

For more of my whiny, unsolicited advice, see



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