A Plea for Surrogacy on the E-conomy

Steve Clemons


concisely lays out the puts and takes of appointing Rubinite Jason Furman as Obama’s director of economic policy.  Just by resume, especially given that I’ve admired the objectives of the Hamilton project, he seems like a sound choice.  Not particularly innovative, but sound. 

But as a surrogate, the guy is absolutely awful.  Unless, that it is, there’s a new show I haven’t seen called “Meet the Effete Elite.”  He says really smart things, very concisely, but he comes across like he’s doing “This Week at Lincoln Center.”  In this regard he’s far worse than even Austin Goolsby.  Furman’s encounter with Andrea Mitchell almost made me fall off my stairmaster.  Fortunately, the best the other side could do to counter was newly scary Carly Fiorina, who–as Mark Hurd has demonstrated–who’s been given by McCain a helluva lot less to work with than she had at HP, where she made more hash than hay. 

As an aside, It struck me today why Fiorna reminds me of a shark.  A shark dies when it stops moving; when the HP board told Carly she needed to stop self-promoting and produce results, she simply evanesced.

For God’s sake, Davids P. and A:  get economic surrogates out *quickly* who can talk to people with problems.  When you’re at war, your surrogates are generals, not the Deputy Chairman of the Galley Baking Department at the Naval War College.


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