God Bless John McCain’s Candor on “Strategic Energy Independence”


There are, in my humble opinion, two big and interlocking issues facing the American electorate.  The first is that that we have become conditioned that there is no need for sacrifice, that whatever ails us is always somone else’s fault.  The second is that the solution to any problem must be delivered within the calendar year, even though most of the things that are most threatening will take a generation to fix.

So, God bless John McCain for putting the 2025 number out there.  The sad thing is that it’s wildly optimistic.  The far sadder thing is that Chris Matthews was demagoguing him tonight about the brave statement being “cold comfort for folks (there’s that f-ing word again) paying north of $4 for gas.”

Deeper the hole, the longer it takes to fill in.   That’s not a principle that will be repealed in my lifetime.



One Response to God Bless John McCain’s Candor on “Strategic Energy Independence”

  1. […] like energy independence.  I said that was wildly optimistic, but I praised his sort-of candor here.  Now he’s going to achieve it in his first term.  […]

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