Say of the Day: Terry McAuliffe

From CNN

“Terry McAuliffe said the former president was angered by media reports suggesting he bore a grudge against Obama after the sometimes bruising primary campaign and did not plan to actively support Obama in the general election.”

Terrific.  So now President Clinton is angered by reports that he’s angry.   It would be far preferable if  he were unavailable for comment on rumors that he’s disappeared, but I don’t suppose that’s in the cards.

It’s NOT his party:

And I think he’s got the notion of ass kissing right, except he ought to be the kisser, not the kissee:

Bill Clinton was something of a hero to me.   Nothing has made me sadder in this campaign cycle than his scorching meltdown into a puddle of narcissistic goo.

I’m trying to think of anyone–public figure or in my personal life–for whom I’ve lost more respect, more quickly.  Nobody comes to mind. 


One Response to Say of the Day: Terry McAuliffe

  1. John Hamlin says:

    Maybe the best thing about you supporting Obama is that you have learned how little respect Bill Clinton deserves.

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